We are delighted to have teamed up with local artist Sarah Hercod to offer family friendly Sketch Club sessions here at Botelet.  Sketch Clubs have been designed specifically for parents/carers and their children.  Every session offers the chance for you to:
* expore sketching tools and techniques
* make choices, change your mind, sit back and reflect
* take risks and experience a range of results - be it planned or spontaneous
* develop your own sketching interests and ideas
* enjoy learning and creating alongside your children

There's absolutely no pressure to do anything at all other than explore the world at the tip of your pencil, and Sarah will use her unique teaching style to encourage, challenge and guide you through the activities.  

Local families are welcome to join, as are those staying at Botelet.  Please note that parents or carers must accompany children.  Children (and adults!) of all ages are welcome, no experience required.

Cost includes all resources: £10 for the first family member, £6 for subsequent family members - siblings, parents, grandparents and carers all welcome!

Upcoming Sketch Clubs ...

Summer Sketch Club
A series of Summer Sketch Clubs will take place on Fridays from 1 - 2.30pm during August (excluding Friday 16th August).  You'll get to play wtih mark-making, colour-mixing, shape and composition activities.  You can join individual summer sessions, or book onto all four.  The focus for each session is given below.  

* Friday 2nd August - Mark Making
An activity that takes you on a journey into the techniques used by Vincent Van Gogh.  I'll share some insights from a recent workshop led by Sarah Wimperis who was the only British artist to work on the film, 'Loving Vincent'.  In the meadow, located next to Exeter Shed, you'll get the chance to explore how using a range of marks can enhance your sketches, creating vibrancy and movement.

* Friday 9th August - Nature's Palette / Colour Mixing
We'll head off on a walk around Botelet finding as many different natural colours as possible.  We'll extract colour from soil, stones, leaves, grasses, petals and maybe even some fruit or berries.  You'll get the chance to explore how to mix a wide range of colours from a limited paint palette.

* Friday 23rd August - Composition
We'll head up the hill to the old yurt base for this activity and we'll look at how to compose a balanced and interesting scene using the rule of thirds and a few other 'rules' that can then jolly well be broken!  You'll get the chance to 'frame' and to study small, close-up objects as well as larger subjects that are in the distance.

* Friday 30th August - Shape
We'll look at how an understanding of shape helps us to create form within our sketches and we'll use an unusual technique developed by Robert Delauney.  Through studying one of the tractors dotted around the farm, you'll get the chance to explore how to build a really unique picture by studying shapes.

Sketch Club places are limited, please contact Sarah for more information or to book your places - sarahhercod@gmail.com or 07974 317 437

Private Sketching Workshops
Private individual, children or family sketching workshops can be booked, please contact Sarah directly to arrange.

About Sarah …

Sarah is an artist and illustrator with a joyful style which she uses across a range of mediums and materials such as painting, printing and the digital arts.  Sarah has over twenty years experience of pre-school and primary school teaching, and she particularly enjoys working with families, especially seeing adults and children grow together.

“I don’t subscribe to the belief that some can draw whilst others can’t, so if you would like to learn to draw or develop your drawing skills then I can help you. My teaching style is playful, inclusive and therapeutic - my aim is to encourage and nurture your confidence and enthusiasm for drawing. Once this is in place, I promise you will discover the whole world at the tip of your pencil!”